Orlando Web Development

Mission Statement

Orlando Web Development is committed to providing the greatest value possible while providing website packages which cover all of your needs.

  • I. Work with our valued clients towards a common goal of the digital marketing project.
  • II. Our clients allow our designer a certain amount of creative freedom to produce the kind of Internet presence that produces result.
  • III. Provide full-service front-end web design solutions for every business need, no matter how small or large. Having a web presence is not just for the large corporations, but for small business, artists, inventors and entrepreneurs.
  • IV. Always treat our customers, business partners and your colleagues with courtesy and respect. Gain the trust of others through example.
  • V. Give direction, guidance, focus and the occasional lending hand. Influence positively and dynamically, setting an example by striving to be the best.

About Us

David B. Cate ~ Webmaster

Developing a brand and web presence for small business and entrepreneurs, since 2001!

Combining over 20 years of web design experience, modern design techniques, and business integrity makes this full-service website design company your ideal choice! We make the design process easy, fun, and affordable!

What separates my design work from the larger web design firms is the ability to be more responsive to your needs, producing websites in a timely and efficient manner. The pricing structure is fair for ALL Greater Orlando business structures. Very low overhead is achieved by utilizing my private home studio and using the power of the World Wide Web and technology.

Meeting with clients virtually has never been easier. From email to phone conferencing to Zoom meetings, communication is pure and productive.

Project timelines can range from a quick 24-hour turn-around for a simple one-page design. Typically, small business websites take 3 Weeks and larger e-commerce projects are often ready for beta testing in 4-6 Weeks.

Time and money savings is a direct result of how ORGANIZED you are and have a clear understanding what the end goal is - even if you do not know quite how to get there. It helps to know your way around a PC or MAC. Check out our Design Process.

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Orlando WEB Development does much more than just redesign WordPress websites. We are a full-service Digital Retailing Solution to help your company move forward. Our slogan is: "Simply, an extension of what you already do best!" More about Website Design Services...

What's Next?

Learn more about our custom graphic design and check out our website design packages and pricing, or read up on website SEO and Marketing. LEARN how I can get YOUR website in the top Google search engine rankings.

Don't quite know how to organize your content? Check out some samples of our WORK or Contact me to get a FREE QUOTE!

At the very least, make arrangements for us to Photograph your pet!