Graphic Design

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Brochures and Flyers

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Flexible Formats for a Customized Approach! Our brochure designs include compelling text, a call to action, graphics, as needed, and a visually compelling layout. OWD can help you achieve the look you are going for.

Hand-Out Flyers

Simple and highly-effective, business flyers can be used as handouts, mailing inserts, promotional items and more. We "DESIGN" a variety of sizes to be printed on your favorite paper stock. We recommend Vistaprint’s flyer printing.

Tell us what you need and we'll provide a custom quote for design-only.

Web Formats

Typical file formats include, BMP, GIF, JPG. PNG, SVG, and Google's WebP.


Bitmap are the old-skool web graphics also associated with video games and vintage software and APPS.



Graphic Interchange Format is also an older format that was reinvented and commonly known, as Giphy!



Lossy compressed 24 bit color image storage format developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group

If you currently have an older website your graphics your graphics need to be updated to modern standards, like the following formats:

transparent PNG


Portable Network Graphics are most commonly used for logos or buttons that require a a transparent background

SVG animated example


Scalable Vector Graphics (W3C) replaced GIF in many instances. It's not used to its fullest potential yet, even on this website!



Google's proprietary design can be used in place of JPEG, GIF and PNG, WebP images can be lossy like JPEG or lossless like GIF and PNG.

We design or reformat your Web Graphic! Bulk rates are available upon request.

Social Media


We consider our social media services more of a partnership than management. We create, plan and execute your brand while you engage with your audience.

Facebook & Twitter Pages

We custom design landing pages for your fan page. For consistency, we also design a custom avatar for a more unified marketing face. The result? Multiple follows and high engagement for your next product or service.

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Just starting out? We'll design and also SETUP your social media Page ...

Business Photography

business photography

Product Photos

We have the right equipment and know-how to photograph just about ANY product, vehicle or aircraft. We'll shoot on-location or take product samples to our private indoor studio, complete with, strobes, soft boxes, textures, etc. Product Photography Details


On-location headshots and executive portraits! Choose from up to 24 digital proofs online. Need Prints? We use leading local and national professional print labs for hard cover photo books and PRINTS - Wallets / up to 70" wall mural sizes!

Freelance Assignment

Send us ANYWHERE (pay for travel expenses) to take customized stock photos for your business. Our seasoned professional photographer can capture people, animals, architecture, food, atmospheric and milkyway, studio effects, and more ...

Tell us what you need and we'll provide a custom photography quote.

Video / Presentations

We provide 4K video recordings with a Sony A7RIV and can arrange multi-camera shoots. Our productions include still & animated 3D graphic overlays, and editing services for website HERO sections. The utilization of video stock can make your footage look great!

Need a promo video or ad? We can certainly help you ...